Hihka character was originally born on Finnish artist Kati Launiainen ́s diary to embody the feelings and insights of the day. In 20 years, Hihka has been seen for example in the newspapers, books, calendars, murals, animations and posters. Hihka has license agents in Finland, Japan and Taiwan. HihkaXOBDesign collection was launhed in Taiwan '23. Hihka vintage denim collection "Hihka was here" by Kati L is for sale on Hihka online store and Hihka Shop & Showroom in Kruununhaka, Helsinki (Finland).
Hihka welcomes You to enjoy a playful but profound philosophy of life. Where Hihka is, there is a heart full of warm thoughts. All Hihka products contain a fortune message just for you. <3

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